Great Show, guys!

Well done, years 7, 8 and 9 special drama! You have been busy. Great performances, playing to a totally packed TLS audience.  I always find it thrilling to see how the students develop over the years, avoiding those pauses, becoming tighter, improving their voice projection and so on.

Well done to the parents, too! Around $600 raised towards that new lighting desk, mainly thanks to the great door-prize donations of tickets to SYTYCD (see last post), won by Ruth Marshall and Karen Horton (donating $40 did pay off for you!) and, of course, the ever-popular chocolates! I actually had a couple of kids asking what the money would go towards and then saying “Oh yeah, we really need one of those. Thank you sooo much!” How’s that for appreciation?

Thanks also for the yummy cakes. I think I got the last brownie.

Wishing you all a lovely Easter break.


Tue 30th March – Years 7, 8 and 9 special drama shows

Years 7, 8 and 9  special drama will be showcasing what they’ve been up to this term.

Parents coming straight from work may want to grab a snack or sandwich to keep the wolf from the door! Drinks, snacks and cakes served in the interval, too.

The show starts at 6.30 p.m. in the TLS theatre (same entrance as hall).  Entry by gold-coin donation. There will be door prizes* and refreshments in the interval.  See you there!

We have had some great offers of  door prizes. Tomorrow night you could win:-


4 tickets in reserved seats for the “So You Think You Can Dance” Top-4-Performance Show which will be filmed Tuesday 13/4 at approx 17.30 audience call (TBC closer to the time). The show is filmed at Carriageworks and there will be a Backstage Tour and Meet & Greet with who is available (no guarantee, as judges, Nat & Dancers are in and out of Make Up etc., but there will definitely be someone around to say hi!)


Our goal is to get a new lighting desk for the TLS. This will cost around $6000.

Show night for year 12 plus years 7,8,9 special drama

Tue 23rd March at 6.30 p.m. in the TLS – Year 12 will be show-casing their monologues and excerpts from a play they have been working on this term. Please be aware that there may be some strong language and sexual references.

Parents coming straight from work may want to sample Deni’s sandwiches to keep the wolf from the door! Drinks, snacks and cakes served in the interval, too.

The show night for years 7,8,9 has been postponed to Tuesday, 30th March, 6.30 p.m. in the TLS theatre (same entrance as hall).  There will be door prizes and refreshments in the interval.  See you there!

Change of date for yr 7,8,9 show night

Years 7, 8 and 9 were  scheduled to perform on Monday 29th March at 6.30 p.m. in the TLS

This now seems impossible, as there is going to be a meeting of all year 9 parents and students to discuss the new laptops. Show will be postponed, possibly to Tue 30th, but please check nearer the time.

No change for year 12 show night – Tue 23rd March at 6.30 p.m. in the TLS – See you there!

Notes from last meeting

Minutes 16/3/10

Attendees:John Feros, Gisela Moser, Deni Schutt, Di White, Kyla Janakis, Za Za and Gary Silk, Kate Calcraft and Jodie Cunningham. Apologies: Kathy Hunter, Frances Cola

The drama committee positions for 2010 have been filled as follows*:

Gisela Moser – Chair Person

Kate Calcraft – Secretary

Brenton White – Treasurer

Deni Schutt – Events Co-ordinator

*this will need to be approved at the P&C AGM on Thu 18th

We discussed fund-raising for a new lighting desk for the theatre (TLS), costing $6,000 approx. It was suggested that we approach theatres and cinemas for donations of tickets that could then be used as raffle items and other smaller prizes.

Performance schedule for end-of-term show nights at the school:

Year 12 – Tuesday 23rd March at 6.30 p.m.

Years 7, 8 and 9 – Monday 29th March at 6.30 p.m.  Deni to co-ordinate catering etc.

Get Shorty! Di will edit the criteria for Get Shorty. Criteria to include that there be no reference to alcohol, drug taking or suicide in the films. Films are to be submitted by the 21st of June. A $25 registration fee per entry is required at the time of submission.

Registration and Criteria forms will be available on Tuesday 30th of March during lunch, near the canteen. Di, Deni, Gisela to set up table etc.

Some other ideas for the night include: Putting up a banner on the front of the school promoting the event (Deni) Pre-sale of tickets. That the nominees be introduced at the beginning of the evening. That Visual-Arts students be event photographers on the night. Judges to be announced shortly!

Topics for next meeting – Tue 16th March

!Get Shorty! MOscars – Tue 29th June

We have a date! The MOscars Red-Carpet Award Night for Mosman High’s very own !Get Shorty! Film Festival is scheduled for Tuesday 29th June.

Categories and criteria are still being finalised – but this is the outline:


  1. Best Junior (Yr 7-9).
  2. Best Senior (Yr 10-12)
  3. Best Art house
  4. Best Comedy
  5. Best Drama.
  6. Best Animation.
  7. Best original Music
  8. Best Actor Male
  9. Best Actor Female
  10. People’s Choice


Your job is to make a short film ( 5-7 mins) .

Consider the following as a guideline:

Directorial Concept:

  • Originality and creativity.
  • Definite narrative; beginning – middle- end.
  • Use of appropriate film language to convey the narrative.
  • Having a clear film style. eg. comedy , film noir.


  • How you frame the action, using camera angles, focus, choice of shots.
  • How you use the camera to Creating Dramatic meaning.
  • Selection of appropriate production elements such as location, costume, casting.

Post –production:

  • Use of dramatic meaning, creating tension and atmosphere.
  • Effects such as music and sound to create meaning.
  • Final product. Post-Production effects such as titles/credits.
  • How your film ‘holds’ together; did you succeed in your intent?
  • Use of original music or music that is available free on the internet.
  • Entertainment value of the film.

Next steps:

Find out if judges and set-up available for scheduled date, then

1. Draw up registration form (edit last year’s)

2. Get registration drive going at school

3. Organise goodies for bags (contact atyp, cinemas etc)

4. What prizes? If cash, how much?

5. Make sure enough Oscar statuettes available at engravers (Gisela)

Office-bearers for 2010

We’ll need to nominate chairperson, treasurer and secetary for P&C AGM this Thursday. Brenton has volunteered to look after the money, Gisela is willing to be either chairperson or secretay, but not both. We’ll need a volunteer who can promise to be present at most meetings (to chair them or take notes). Any takers?

Shows at the school

Get staff to communicate dates for any end-of-term shows and draw up roster

Any other issues

Meeting close


Welcome to all Mosman High School Drama parents and friends!

As the P&C Drama Committee’s Google site did not allow viewers to comment, most of the pages have been moved here, so you can leave comments to your heart’s content.